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History & Philosophy

In 1730, Henry Burmester and John Nash founded Burmester & Nash in London, a cereal trading company. They moved to Vila Nova de Gaia and in 1750 began shipping port wine to the British Isles and the rest of Europe. The family name originates from the German word 'Burgmeister', meaning 'mayor' - as the family came from the small north Germany city of Moelln. Today, the company bridges the gap between the ages of existing tradition and the latest technologies, never forgetting the unique characteristics of the wines of the company.

Vineyard & Climate

Burmester ports are made from grapes from Quinta do Arnozelo, situated on the southern bank of the Douro river. The Quinta is located in the prestigious upper reaches of the Douro demarcated wine region, the aptly named Douro Superior. In addition to its favourable geographic location, it has an ideal micro-climate, both of which contribute to the superior quality of its grapes. The vines are planted on fine grain soils, moderately fertile, with good heat retention. North East facing vineyards are situated on the typical terrace-style slopes with some vertical plantations along the lines of the greatest slopes around 400-600 meters above sea level.


Burmester Extra Dry White Port
The gentle aromas of melon and citrus fruits are underscored with fresh acidity and lemon, melon and peach flavours on the palate.

Burmester Ruby Port
The bouquet is lively, youthful and floral with spicy notes. A smooth, rounded palate with ripe plum and dried fruit and spicy flavours.

Burmester Sotto Voce Reserve Port

The bouquet of raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant notes is followed by toasted coffee and cocoa scents. The palate is soft, velvety and warm with elegance and balance, and a long finish.

Burmester Late Bottled Vintage Port

Intense, concentrated bouquet with aromas of black fruits, jam, fig and a touch of vanilla. The palate is velvety and warm, with masses of ripe fruit and a long, spicy finish.

Burmester Vintage Port

Made exclusively from the best grapes of a single vintage. Declared only in exceptional years in a decade, vintage ports have great ageing potential and prestige. (Please click on bottle image above to see the information on current vintages).


Burmester Tawny Port

Full, ripe bouquet of dried fruits, orange peel and vanilla. The palate is smooth, rounded, elegant and intense.

Burmester 10 Year Old Tawny Port

The elegant and complex bouquet has aromas of hazelnuts, almonds, vanilla and morello cherries. The palate is balanced and full bodied, sweet, with scents of plums and citrus peel. Dry fruits mark the rich and lengthy finish.

Burmester Colheita Port

A vintage tawny port, made from a single harvest and aged in small 550-litre oak barrels for a minimum of 7 years before release.  (Please click on bottle image above to see the information on current vintages).


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