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History & Philosophy

Founded in 1897 by Jose Angel Pereira, the winery remained with his family until it was handed to the Pescarmona Family in 1970. Lagarde is one of the oldest and most traditional wineries in Mendoza and one of the founder members of the first DOC of Argentina. Today, third generation family member, Sofia Pescarmona runs the winery. The winery, centenarian vineyards and courtyards are a true reflection of the traditional Mendocino lifestyle. Lagarde only use their own fruit to offer four ranges of wine from entry level through to their top-tier wines. 

Vineyard & Climate

Lagarde is located in the region known as ‘Zona Alta del Rio Mendoza’ in Luján de Cuyo and is considered the ‘First Growing Zone’, and best region of the country to produce high quality wines. The first vineyards were planted in 1897 and 1906. Lagarde own 230 hectares all located between 850 and 1071 metres above sea level. 100% of the fruit comes from their own vineyards, which with their ideal altitude, produces wines with purity, freshness, acidity and good tannin extraction. The soils of the different vineyard areas are a result of the decomposition and disintegration of rocks and minerals from the mountains. The alluvial clay, sand and rock soils are low in organic material, naturally controlling vigor and yield. Lagarde use the pure mountain spring water from the melting snow caps high in the Andes to irrigate, distributed via an elaborate, ancient canal system, which pre-dates the Columbian Incan Empire. Lagarde was the first winery to plant and produce Viognier as a single varietal.

LAGARDE, Mendoza, Argentina

Altas Cumbres

Meaning ‘high peaks’ – the range reflects true varietal expression and reflection of the soils of Primeras Zonas

Altas Cumbres Sauvignon Blanc
A different style of Sauvignon, ripe, with delicious citrus fruits and herbaceous notes.

Altas Cumbres Viognier
A true reflection of the grape variety, full of aromas, perfumed, exuberant and vibrant.

Altas Cumbres Malbec
With limited use of oak, this wine is youthful and vibrant, with red and black fruits aromas and a lifted flowery nose.

Altas Cumbres Cabernet Sauvignon
A text book example of the grape variety, good concentration of cassis, green pepper and eucalyptus.

Lagarde Viognier
Dry, floral, with subtle fruit, good texture, medium body and minerality. From the first Viogier vines planted in South America in 1993, located in Perdriel.

Lagarde Malbec
The wine that represents Lagarde. High altitude, low yields and selection of fruit makes this Malbec an elegant well balanced wine.

Lagarde Syrah
Smoky and peppery, delicious crunchy fruit with a touch of spice and a long and refreshing, lingering finish.

Lagarde Guarda

Guarda are wines from old vines located in the best vineyards, good to enjoy now but will cellar well (‘guarda’) for many years.

Lagarde Guarda
A Bordeaux blend, is the most restrained elegant and savoury wine. Malbec 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Merlot 20%, Syrah 10%

Lagarde Malbec DOC
Very old vines, and low yields, makes this a concentrated wine, with good intensity, tannin structure and ageing capability.

Lagarde Cabernet Franc
Exuberant, packed with wild red and black fruits, with a classic touch of leafiness from the Cabernet Franc.

Henry Gran Guarda
Named after the owner of the winery, this wine is made from the finest parcels, in limited quantities and only in exceptional vintages, always a unique blend.


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