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History & Philosophy

Morandé was the pioneer of the Casablanca Valley, where Pablo Morandé was the first to discover the unique attributes of the climate and soil. Today Pablo Morandé continues to be involved with the ultra-premium ‘House of Morandé’ and ‘Golden Harvest’ wines, whilst Ricardo Baettig is now responsible for the rest of the Morandé portfolio.

Morandé produce four distinct ranges – entry level wines that are lively and approachable, through to premium, interesting, creative wines with true varietal characteristics. 

Vineyard & Climate

Morandé constantly seek innovative techniques, such as high-density planting, hitherto unknown in Chile. This method triples the quantity of vines planted compared to a conventional vineyard, which creates competition between the plants and limits their growth. Overall, the same number of kilos per hectare is obtained but a higher quality grape is achieved. Morandé hold strong ethical values manifested in their judicious use of water in irrigation, good agricultural practices and strong social responsibility.

The constant desire to find areas that best suit each grape variety has led Morandé to diversify their vineyards between different valleys and therefore each wine comes from a specific, single valley. The two main Estates are Belen Estate in the Casablanca Valley and Romerol Estate in the Maipo Valley. The other three estates are located in the Cachapoal Valley, Curico Valley and Maipo Valley. The winery is based in the Rapel Valley.

VIÑA MORANDÉ, Casablanca Valley, Chile

Pionero Range

Pionero Sauvignon Blanc – Casablanca Valley
A tropical nose with melon, peach and citrus fruits, good acidity

Pionero Chardonnay – Casablanca Valley
Creamy with good tropical fruit and acidity

Pionero Cabernet Syrah Rosé – Central Valley
Medium deep in colour, with ripe, red fruits

Pionero Merlot – Rapel Valley
A fresh, herbal, leafy Merlot, with plums and damson fruit

Pionero Carmenère – Maipo Valley
Botanical, intriguing, lovely blackberry fruit and lifted herbal nose

Pionero Cabernet Sauvignon – Maipo Valley
Approachable style of Cabernet from Chile’s finest region, cassis and sweet spice

Pionero Pinot Noir – Casablanca Valley
A fresh vibrant juicy Pinot, with a touch of oak to add complexity and structure

Reserva Range

Reserva Sauvignon Blanc – Casablanca Valley
Mineral and herbaceous with notes of green mango and asparagus

Reserva Chardonnay – Casablanca Valley
Vibrant green apple and pineapple notes, hints of minerality, good texture and balance

Reserva Gewurztraminer – Casablanca Valley
Exotic, rose petals, hibiscus, lychee and nectarine fruit, a dry exotic wine with good length

Reserva Pinot Grigio – Casablanca Valley
Full of character Pinot Grigio, with lovely floral, peach and nectarine notes. Off dry, crisp acidity

Reserva Merlot – Maipo Valley
Aromatic, with plums and dark cherries, characteristic Merlot leafy notes and a bitter chocolate finish

Reserva Carmenère – Maipo Valley
Fresh, with green peppers and botanical notes. Bursting with juicy fruit, and a long lingering finish

Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon – Maipo Valley
Mocha and black fruit. Structured, soft tannins and sweet oak spice

Reserva Pinot Noir – Casablanca Valley
A cool climate Pinot, rosemary and thyme, oak, spice and red fruit. Good complexity and finish

Gran Reserva Range

Gran Reserva Chardonnay – Casablanca Valley
Mineral undertones, aromas of lemon balm and apple pie, good fruit and texture on the palate

Gran Reserva Merlot – Maipo Valley
Soft and appealing, herbaceous with green pepper notes, plums and red fruits, soft tannins and good acidity

Gran Reserva Syrah – Maule Valley
A dark, dense rich Syrah, meaty with smoky bacon, spice of cinnamon and cloves

Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon – Maipo Valley
Coffee, eucalyptus, blackcurrant and plums. Structured, firm tannins and sweet spice

Gran Reserva Pinot Noir – Casablanca Valley
Intense, fruity and floral with good body and acidity. Aroma of roses and fine wood, with notes of strawberries and fresh cherries

Gran Reserva Carmenere – Maipo Valley

Fresh and intense blackberry and blueberry aromas, plus spicy black pepper, cinnamon and roasted beans

Edición Limitada Range

Edición Limitada Sauvignon Blanc – Casablanca Valley
A touch of barrel fermentation adds texture, weight and body to this wine

Edición Limitada Carmenère – Maipo Valley
From Chile’s enchanting flagship varietal, lovely herbaceous nose with delicious black fruit

Edición Limitada Cabernet Franc – Maipo Valley
Black cherries and jammy black fruit, sweet and toasty oak notes, with a long finish

Edición Limitada Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon – Maule and Maipo Valleys
Presents notes of forest fruits, dark chocolate, tobacco and spices with an intense, deep, fruity body and great freshness

Edición Limitada Carignan – Loncomilla Valley
Soft full bodied red, with notes of game, black fruit and mocha, textured finish and soft tannins

House of Morandé – Maipo Valley
Predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, an elegant, complex, mature and robust blend, with aromas of flowers and forest fruits

Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc
Only produced in exceptional years. A rich, luscious dessert wine with candied lemon peel and honey notes, with refreshing crisp acidity to finish

Vigno Morandé
Perfect balance, intense tannins, refreshing acidity and extravagant elegance. Carignan, Syrah, Chardonnay


The main geographical feature of this valley is the influence of the sea which enters from the Pacific Ocean and produces a morning mist which acts as a temperature moderator. This characteristic favours optimal vineyard development, whilst also requiring special management in order to achieve the desired ripeness. The varieties that grow best in this valley are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.


This valley has the greatest wine producing tradition in Chile and is famous worldwide. It has a temperate climate with a dry, hot summer, rainfall concentrated between April and September, and is almost frost-free. The soils are alluvial in origin, stony and with good drainage and average fertility. Its climatic conditions favour the development of red wine varieties, mainly Cabernet Sauvignon.

House of Morandé

‘House of Morandé’ is Morandé’s iconic wine from the San Bernardo vineyard in the Maipo Valley and their commitment to excellence is obvious. Each vine produces 1kg of grapes which is harvested to make one bottle of wine. Traditional Bordeaux style winemaking is used with long ageing in French barrels and further time in bottle.

House of Morandé is a Cabernet Sauvignon dominated blend where varietal composition varies depending on annual harvest.


To reclaim the heritage of its ancient vines and traditions, a group of  traditional Vignadores de Carignan have established the first appellation from Chile – dry-farmed, old-vine Carignan, from Maule (the ‘g’ in the ‘Vigno’ signifies ‘Carignan’).

Morandé’s ‘Vigno’, created by Pablo Morandé, is predominantly Carignan, with the addition of some Syrah and Chardonnay, aged for 26 months in new American oak casks. Due to a blend of three different grape varieties from sixty-year-old extremely low yielding vines planted in different soils, at different altitudes and different sun exposure – this wine is outstanding. 

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