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History & Philosophy

The Summerhouse Wine Company is poised to shake up the premium Marlborough wine scene with its award-winning range of accessible and authentic wines.  Owned by the Neylon and Wiffin families, they bring a heritage of hard-graft and integrity forged in the primary industries of Marlborough, New Zealand. Since turning their hands to wine 20 years ago, this strong legacy, along with a focus on investment, has pushed Summerhouse into the ranks of the most dynamic producers in the region.


Backbreaking work is required to farm the Summerhouse vineyards, which are scattered throughout the Marlborough sub-regions.  Chosen for their unique attributes, these sites are meticulously managed, overseen by leading viticulturist Rex Sunde, and return small crops with enviable purity and concentration.  The winemaking process is guided by Sam Harrop MW. His sympathetic winemaking philosophy achieves balance, harmony and an abundance of personality in the wines. 


The hero’s are produced from Malborough’s superstar varieties - a Pinot Noir from the renowned Southern Valleys region, and a Sauvignon Blanc that displays a lovely sub-regional expression.  But what sets Summerhouse apart is its investment in the lesser-grown varieties, such as a single vineyard Verdelho and Syrah.   Family-owned with a strong investment culture and a team of expert viticulturists and winemakers, this wine producer has its eyes firmly set on the future.

Vineyard & Climate

Marlborough Region

Located in the north-eastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island with the Pacific Ocean to the east and mountain ranges to the north and south, Marlborough has broad alluvial plains stretching from the coastline and gradually rising into narrow finger valleys, with a diverse landscape of spectacular natural beauty and bounty. The region regularly claims the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, enjoying low average annual rainfall at approximately 25 inches, and moderate diurnal temperature changes in the 10°C range. The climate is moderate and, coupled with the alluvial soils, delivers a long, slow, grape growing season which intensifies the flavours and allows Summerhouse to produce distinct and expressive wines. Cool climate excellence.

SUMMERHOUSE WINE Co,  Marlborough, New Zealand

Sauvignon Blanc

Lifted aromas of citrus and blackcurrant with an attractive herbal and floral influence. Underlying minerality enhances the generous palate. This is a complex wine with an impressive elegant, dry finish.

Pinot Noir
Silky & textural with complex aromas of black cherries & dark berry fruits. Hints of sweet oak impart a savoury aspect coupled with a hint of bramble & spice. Elegant & intriguing , the palate is rich & full with dark berry fruits and gentle acidity framing the ripe, silky, tannins. 


An expressive, full bodied Verdelho, with lifted aromas of kaffir lime, orange blossom and ripe stone fruits. A touch of spicy oak, combines with creamy nuances to add palate weight and complexity.

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