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Blog: Moscato Overtakes Sauvignon Blanc in the USA

The wine world is a rather interesting one, one that never fails to surprise us! Slowly we are grasping knowledge that in the USA Moscato is hot, hot, hot, and has recently overtaken Sauvignon Blanc in sales by volume, yes that’s right, overtaken the mighty Sav Blanc.

It seems like the consumer is embracing the lovely floral and grapey character of this grape variety, which combines low alcohol, attractive petillance and a touch of sweetness that makes it

the essence of summer in a glass.




Unfortunately, in the UK, Moscato is associated with cheap Asti spumante, overly sweet and so dull it makes our palates go numb....Now, there are Asti’s and then there are Asti’s, like any other wine, and when it is cheap, it is cheap full stop! Going up in price means better quality, so start trading up, quality and deliciousness will surprise you, let's face it who wants heavily oaked Chardonnay on a hot summers day.

Until then, I will continue looking at the other side of the pond and wonder when we will be celebrating the arrival of the English summer with a bowl of English strawberries and some fine Moscato.



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