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Smith and Evans


History & Philosophy

Guy Smith and Laura Evans planted the vineyard at Higher Plot in 2008 after a four year search for the perfect site to produce the highest possible quality sparkling wine. They work in the vineyard all year from midwinter pruning through to harvest in late summer. 

By living with the season they are constantly able to watch how the vines develop and mature. Guy also works as a wine trader and Laura worked in film editing. 

Vineyard & Climate

The White Lias Limestone Ridge of Higher Plot Farm has long been recognised as a special place that achieves early ripening and high quality fruit. There is terracing built into the hill that is at least 700 years old which was built for Orchards when cider was seen as being of the same quality as the finest wines. 

The free draining Calcerous Limestone soil is identical to some of the world's greatest vineyard sites and the local climate is one of the best in the UK for growing grapes. Burgundian Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meurnier vines are planted on the south facing lower slopes and the first harvest was in 2010. We work as much as possible to ensure that the vines thrive by being in balance with their surroundings. 



Smith and Evans Higher Plot Brut
A blend of Pinot Noir, Meurnier and Chardonnay produce a wine of great depth and complexity. Rich brioche notes balanced with an elegant acidity backbone. 

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